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One Day You’ll Call Me

One day you’ll call me and hear: The number you have reached is now happy. Do not bother her anymore.

Happy woman

I will not beg for your love. I won't desperately run after you. I'm not going to call you morning and night to see what you're doing or how you're doing. I don't see the point of gestures that won't be appreciated anyway. I don't want to humiliate myself for the sake of a few seconds with you.

Little do I care that you're with someone else. Do you know why?

Because in this world there are other men, emotionally mature and capable of loving a woman correctly. There are good souls who will bear light to mine.

They don't just want to be with me when they feel like it. They want me by their side for life. You understood love differently, you attributed selfish feelings to it, you thought it was suffering. But what man causes suffering to a loved one?

You lied to me repeatedly, and I believed you every time. I was still hoping that a healthy relationship was possible, without trauma, without drama, without unnecessary tears. But you had no intention of changing anything in the process.

You felt good, being loved, adored. You were my god, I just had to strictly follow your instructions. But at some point I got tired. I learned my lessons. I admit, I needed more time.

My heart kept fighting for you. I still cared. But there was no point. I offered a second chance, but I wouldn’t give you a third. I accepted my dignity. There’s only emptiness within you.

Far from you, I found my self

I learned to live freely again, without being pressured and forced to do what does not represent me. I don’t offer useless chances. Not anymore. Now I choose a man who can truly love me. He deserves all of my energy and strength.

You will walk through the world, experiencing passion and adventure. But in the end, you will remember us. You will know that no one loved or accepted you more. Your other lovers were quickly exhausted by you.

call me

One day, you will call me and hear my voicemail say: The number you have reached is now happy. Do not bother her anymore. It will be the most honest statement from me, the last one by the way. I won't answer your messages and I won't call you back, as much as you want me to.

I'm no longer going to accept sickly addictions, toxic people, or narcissistic love. I don’t care that you’ll regret losing me. Your regret couldn’t possibly cover all the pain you’ve caused me. I would never wish bad things for you, but I don’t wish you well.

To my fellow women, don’t stick with the guy who betrays and humiliates you. I know you dream every day that he will change and you won’t have to keep sacrificing parts of yourself to keep him happy. The right man won’t ask you to sacrifice anything.

Choose a sincere, real, mutual love. Choose the person who accepts and respects your way of being. Live with dignity every day, live with love.


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