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Never Lie to a Woman

Never lie to a woman who believes in you. She may be one of the few people who truly believes. It means she loves you unconditionally.

Never Lie to a Woman

Never upset a woman who gives you proof of sincerity. She may be the only person who will not hide anything from you and will not seek to change you.

Never ignore a woman who makes plans for the future with you. It's possible to kick your chance for happiness. Don’t risk suffering.

Never refuse a woman who wants you close, because such a feeling you will experience only a few times in your life. Why be naïve? Why not live beautifully?

Never stop loving a woman who won't leave when it's hard for you and won't dismiss you when something goes wrong. She may be your soul mate, and isn’t that what you want?

Never reject a woman who’s patient with you. Her full heart beats just for you. It’s a gift you should treasure.

Never turn away from a woman who gives her time to you. We have such limited time on this earth and she’s investing it in you.

Never spite a woman who is faithful to you. This one betrayal could be the ultimate loss for you both.


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