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"I am the woman who has only loved once in her life!"

"I write now because I have proven to myself that I strive to find you in all the men who have gone through my limbs, but not through my spirit!"

Ell is the woman who once adored...

You have no idea how difficult it is because you are now content, or at least that is how I want you to be!

Woman Love

I'm lying; it would be difficult for me to tolerate that, because I still want you just for me!

Although you have half of my heart, I understand that "a fresh beginning" together is too much to ask of two people who today share only a basic "good" bond.

I now see that the arrogance of both of them, which ultimately managed to leave a bitter flavor on the lips that were once so passionately kissed, was at the root of our relationship, above emotions!

The lovely times were only memories, as I would like you to be, but you were the most attractive of all my failures! Moments when I attempt to stare at you are few and always disrupted by your actions or words, which may be why I set out to detest you at some point, but in vain.

I could go on and on about everything that happened, but it all reinforces the truth that you will be the only man I ever adored.

That is why I thank You for everything You have made me experience with you and everything I live with your remembrance, which no one can ever take away from me!"


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