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A Worthy Woman Never Chases a Man

A woman's dignity cannot be bought or sold. It is a woman's calling card, the way she copes with toxic people. When she truly discovers and knows herself, she knows what she deserves.

Worthy Woman

She may have suffered in the past, but she’s learned her lessons. She understood that reciprocity is essential in a relationship, that sacrifice has nothing to do with love, and illusions only take her away from felt and lived truth.

A self-respecting woman does not accept to be anyone's reserve. She does not mix attachment with obsession. She does not confuse love with self-sacrifice. If she has her world, the people she feels good about, the experiences she’s gone through, what good is a toxic relationship?

She loves to be able to build with a good man more than she loves an adventure. She is ready to give respect and be fully involved. But she will demand the same from the man, otherwise she will leave without much explanation.

There is no need for words where facts are lacking. There is no need for promises where the proofs of love are false. She knows all too well what a healthy relationship with an emotionally mature partner means. The rest are inventions of men with complexes.

Weak men who do not know how to take care of a woman invent all kinds of excuses, just to keep the woman in their net. They will subtly manipulate and convince a woman that their desires are more important, that their arguments are more serious.

But they will not be able to convince the worthy woman.

sincere love

She refuses to run away from anyone, but she doesn’t need to prove to anyone that she can conquer. She refuses to run after a man just because she has certain feelings. There is a moral limit in everything, there is a point where you shouldn’t force things.

She knows that many men expect to attract a naïve woman, to make her dependent on them, and then play the role of unavailable. They want to come and go when they want, to emotionally control the woman's thoughts. He wants to convince her that he is perfect, although he is toxic.

The self-respecting woman does not even dare to go beyond her own values. It doesn't mean it's too tough. She, unlike other women, knows and respects her values. For her, inner peace is more important than any drama.

There is no man worth a woman's suffering. But the man who forces a woman to run after him will never bring true happiness. There will be restlessness and there will be unanswered questions, sleepless nights, doubts, and fears.

What good are all these toxic behaviors? This is the question a worthy woman will ask herself every time a man challenges her to run after him. What good is this emotional chaos, when there is sincere love and mature, empathetic people?

The worthy woman does not run, she does not beg, but neither does she judge. She doesn't use anyone, but she demands the same attitude. Otherwise, she will leave very simply, without giving an explanation.


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