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7 Reasons Why Some Relationships Are So Strong

Strong relationships are formed gradually, built from patience, and welded with communication. Couples with strong relationships have worked very hard for it, to great reward! Here are 7 reasons why some relationships are strong:

Strong relationship

1. Acceptance before denial

We can safely say that acceptance is an art and not everyone will reach a master level. However, strong partners learn to accept themselves as they are, highlighting their good qualities but also acknowledging the not-so-great ones.

They learn to be themselves, ignoring the temptations of pride and illusion. They put denial aside and make a priority of total acceptance of the self and other person.

Acceptable before denial

2. Interest before indifference

Partners learn, above all, to listen and understand each other, which is very important for a strong relationship. Listening leads to understanding, appreciation, knowledge, and acceptance of your partner as a person and a lover.

Indifference is easy, especially when your partner is unclear or vague. Take an interest in your partner’s needs to strengthen your connection.

Interest before indifference

3. Communication before silence

When conflicts arise between two partners, both can choose to be silent, emotionally cut the other off, and internalize their struggles. Shutting down is easy, but unhelpful. Communication through verbal requests, body language, and quality of time spent together helps clarify what the relationship may need to build closeness.

Communication before silence

4. Approaching before rejection

Approaching your partner with an open mind and heart takes patience, acceptance, and understanding. Sometimes misunderstandings may arise that frustrate you to your very core. This is extremely common! However, couples who approach one another with curiosity and a desire to understand the other person fully build stronger relationships.

Approaching before rejection

5. Yielding before pride

The ego is a dangerous thing. It can blind us to the needs of others and make us paranoid, self-serving, or even, selfish. Strong couples have a willingness to compromise and are willing to abandon “being right” in favor of a more measured approach with their partner.

Yielding before pride

6. Effort before mindlessness

In long-lasting relationships, couples often fall into routine. Some routines are comfortable and equitable to both parties. However, in some couples, the routine makes one partner feel extremely taken advantage of, while the other partner merely expects to have all their needs met. Strong couples continue to make efforts to show each other’s partners deep appreciation while speaking up if they feel the balance has shifted.

Effort before mindlessness

7. Balance before selfishness

Selfishness comes from an inability and unwillingness to listen. Strong relationships and long-lasting love come from the ability to listen deeply and speak meaningfully. This is a two-way street, and one partner cannot bear the brunt of these responsibilities alone. There must be a thoughtful, measured balance.

Balance before selfishness


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