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The First Steps to Changing Your Life

Imagine that all your dreams were destroyed under your own indifference. That, pressed by external things and nothings, your life has become a shadow. You're afraid to hope, to want more, hell, even to put a smile on your face.


Imagine that you no longer feel the energy passing through your veins. You no longer live in the moment with intensity. You no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day is the same day.

What is the point of all material things when the soul is desolate? We have learned to put money above sincerity. We do things because other people have told us to, not because it was what we wanted.

We seek our own happiness, but this idea of happiness is sold from nonsense and falsehoods. We fall for anything because we stand for nothing. We hate ourselves for having interests and passions, trying to be more detached than the next person.

We love from appearances. We give up at the first chance, repeating vicious cycles through the years. We hate ourselves and internalize the shame.

That's how we forget who we really are. What we deserve. What our purpose is. We forget, in the most direct way, to be happy.

But we also forget to extend this joy and kindness to others. We are too connected to the superficial world, to biases and superficialities. Our human nature loves routine and resists change.

You stop this chase for nothing.

But it’s time to wake up. Wake up. Forget the daily annoyances. Accept your past. Love. No one is able to take this freedom away from you. You are the only one who decides what you really want and what your priorities are. The past does not control you any longer.

Do not forget this past, learn from it.. Learn to be a better, more assured, more aware person. But do something about it, move things around, because no one else will.

Forget about all the sorrows and regrets, but don't forget what changed you. It’s a part of you. Get rid of the chains that surround your heart and take a step beyond the toxic environment that keeps you down.

inspire partner

Love, passionately and totally. Get involved in that relationship and prove to yourself that you can give. Let yourself be carried away by the wave of love. Live the magic of a kiss without wondering why, how, when. You will still have your dignity.

Life should make sense. And an adventure makes sense, if it teaches you something good. Know that no one can take away your happiness when you’re the one paving the road to your own joy. Be careful who comes into your life.

Accept what cannot be changed. Give yourself a new chance, one in which you stop suffering. Do not seek everyone’s approval, don’t betray yourself in service of pleasing others. Don’t resist life’s pleasures. The person who feels also hopes, dreams, creates, and loves. Never forget about yourself. Never!


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